A Prayer For Love


I was in a Mana yoga class recently taught by a lovely Hawaiian girl who weaves Aloha ways into her yoga practice- Yum.

She had us hold our arms out wide, receiving universal chi into our beings. Bring the energy of a flower into your left hand, she said.  Mine was cosmos, sweet cosmos, so many beautiful shades of pink and magenta and symbolize peace and tranquility- it seemed to come in so naturally, intuitively, I wonder if it’s MY flower.

Now bring the energy of an animal into your right hand, she said. Again, without thought, the spirit of a turtle dove flew right into my hand- again a symbol of love and peace.

Now bring both hands to your heart space and allow to receive the gifts of these energies.

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Ah, peace and love.  In my heart.  Had to paint, the next step for me to embody the energies.  So here are flowers from my garden along with the pair of turtle doves who live in my garden and come to the bird bath every day at dusk.  They are so dear to me.  I soften in their presence.  They are even in the Ultimate love song: Song of Solomon in the bible.  I am blessed to have them amidst my cosmos garden. Love sweet love- isn’t that why we are here?

original painting available here

prints available here

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