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Love is Shining Down on Me

A couple of weeks ago I asked Casey to mark a date on his calendar to help me transport this large painting to a gallery where I’ll be showing in June.  I wanted something big and splashy for my June Joy show. It’s 50 x 70- too large to fit in my car or for me to carry by myself.  Dutiful partner that he is, he saved the date.


The painting has been hanging in our bedroom for a couple of years, over the quilt made from my fabric line.  It’s never made it out to a show because of it’s large size.

Well, yesterday on our Sunday beach walk when we tend to do some of our deepest soul sharing, it came out that he was very troubled by this painting being gone from the bedroom.  So much so, that he woke in the night disturbed by the thought of it’s absence!  I had no idea.  Of course, sweetie, I will leave it there I said.

Talking further it was revealed that there was deep attachment to this one too, which is currently hanging on the main wall in our living room:

Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens

Being a native of this city I think he is especially fond of this one.  Long story short we made an agreement that these two paintings will remain permanently at our home…forever.

What surprised and was healing for both of us was that I didn’t realize Casey had such an emotional attachment to my art and to living with it’s presence.  And he was surprised at how easily I was able to take these paintings out of circulation from the selling market to make him happy.

This was incredible healing for both of us because he has abandonment issues and I have issues of not feeling valued.  Art heals, relationships heal, life heals.

Love heals~

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