Dream Shadows

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After all the recent inner work of the past year now resolved, I am floating along on a cloud of inner calm and serenity.  I feel solid and secure in life, and that’s nice.  Here is my newest painting which as always is a reflection of my state of well-being.  The softening of my interior boundaries is being mirrored by new spring blooms.  Dream Shadows is the title.

Dream Shadows-web

I had my miracle worker photographer, Sarah Block, work her magic in photoshop to create an even dreamier version with these lighter irises which is what I meant to paint.  Somehow I can’t resist the rich colors, but I wanted soft for this one.  We can do that now in the digital age- change the mood of an image with a bit of mouse work. I am offering this version in my etsy shop as a print here

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Every day for the past 9 years, after my morning painting session, I have headed down these stairs to the beach that are just a few short blocks from my house for a nice long beach walk

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There is something about the process of walking and being out in the bright light and fresh air that helps me settle the creative energy that has been stirred up in painting.

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I take off my shoes and walk barefoot in the soft sand, grounding into the earth through her marshmallow cushion of beach.


There is usually some wildlife to observe- these are endangered sea birds.  I should know their name, but i don’t.  Look at that blue sky though- incredible.


At my turning around point I always do several salutations to the sun, giving thanks and praise for this climate and beach which is my playground.  Yesterday there was a baby sea lion sitting on a rock here.  Born on the Channel Islands, the Mom’s sometimes swim them over here to eat if there’s not enough food there.  He looked pretty relaxed on that rock and well cared for by his mother :)


I just read an article on brain health and the research shows the best thing we can do for our aging brains is walk 2 miles every day.  Apparently, heading out for a walk sends messages to the brain that we are entering new territory and it opens us up to receive new data.  Well, for me it might as well be getting under this bright blue sky of ours and feeling the sand between my toes, smelling the salt air and sensing the warm sun on my skin, the bright light opening my retinas.

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Of course our walk is the highlight of Georgie’s day and he likes a 6 mile loop. so that’s what we do.  Somehow it completes our day. Painting and Walking- they just kind of go together.

I hope you all have a nice walk you can do every day- it is such a simple pleasure~


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