Love is shining down on me

The only thing to do with this kind of exuberance and energetic joy is to paint my bright flowers-

I admit it – I’ve been in a funk the last couple of months.  the weather, the coming down from the high of India, the healthy move toward independence Casey and I needed in our relationship after that intense bonding during our trip,  the confusion over the change in my yoga practice that felt dry here,  plus health issues for both Casey and me.  It’s been a struggle but we made it through the dark, back in to the light, and Love is Shining down on Me now-

Today i started this painting which is huge- 40 x 60.  It will have peonies, tulips, godetia and a pair of nightingales.  I also enjoyed a long summer walk on the beach with the dogs who frolicked in the ocean-  they feel it too.  The change in to summer,  ahhhhhh.

Yesterday I wore one of my new dresses to the beach show.  You can see some of my patterns and even order some yardage at spoonflowerwhich is an on-line shop and they print all kinds of beautiful fabrics.

I  had 3 dresses made from the same pattern- each a little different.  This one has a double skirt and is made with the Helibore design.

I am so happy to have sundress weather and vibes in the air.  This feeling I have is of falling in love and it’s strong coming out of that flat period I just went through.  I feel like I’m on the edge of something big and exciting and it’s a magical feeling to know I am still peaking at this stage in the game. I don’t know what’s coming but it is something magnificent.  I think it is pure joy of creativity

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