New Website/ New Painting

Wow, I’m blogging my first post on my new website created by Carlos at I told him what I wanted and he handcrafted it- I think he did a great job. it’s wordpress which i’m not used to so bear with me if things aren’t smooth here. like adding photos is really different and the side bar here scrunches the pics sometimes so i hope it comes out okay because i want to show you my new painting which i love- it’s huge: 40 x 60
The birds are Nightingales and inhabit an area of France that is a power center for me in astrocartography. Santa Barbara is also an awesome place on this earth for me to be as i have a major jupiter line going smack right through here, but apparently, this part of France where the nightingales sing is a real heart opening power center.
that’s where i am right now in my self- a place of opening my heart and letting the love shine down and through me. it’s a marvelous place to be.

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