Orchard in El Nino

Orchard in El Nino

Ah, we finally got our first true el nino storm which began at pre-dawn this morning. I was up at 4 to take in the long awaited nourishing water coming from the heavens while drinking my coffee, journaling and reading (I’m on the Course of Miracles). By 6 I was in the studio,  painting this orchard in the storm, celebrating water by using lots of it in wet-on-wet technique, celebrating how the earth and all her plants must be jumping in joy in the rain. I loved the darkened sky thick with heavy clouds.

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Yesterday I had received an order for this print titled Ojai Oranges, then connected with the oranges in my own yard during meditation yesterday, sensing how parched and thirsty they are. It came to me that I wanted to do an abstract version of this painting, and so that is how it came to receive the storm in my work today. It was like an offering of a prayer of gratitude for our citrus trees and other plants on which we depend. I love just following threads of things that come to me this way and seeing where they lead. This rain makes me feel very connected to the land right now.

Original framed painting available here


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