She Speaks Through Me

Matilija Mountains

Matilija Mountains available here

This Sacred land embraced by nurturing mountains and the sparkling sea that is named after Saint Barbara speaks to me and I have learned to listen intently.  She called me here 9 1/2 years ago through a message in a dream.  I heard a voice loud and clear “Move to Santa Barbara, your new life is waiting for you there” and it was so strong, could not be ignored.  2 weeks later I drove here with my son Stuart- a 19 hour drive from Eugene where we lived at the time. As soon as we pulled into town I felt connection to the land, the place, a familiarity though I’d never been here before (except as a 2 year old baby I found out much later).

I met Casey my first day here- I’d had dreams of him too, recurrent dreams of driving the exact road along the coast that leads to the house I now share with him. I realize now that his soul had been calling me too, for years I’d had that dream of trying to reach him up on the bluffs above the shining sea, where I now have an angel temple, where I connect to Source, where I have been able to complement my calling to be an Artist with that of Priestess.  It feels like my destiny to be here, in this place, this life.

It turns out my maternal Grandparents lived here for a short time- my Grandfather was a doctor whose office is next to my bank, My Grandparents and Casey’s Grandparents went to the same church and most likely knew one another, but the biggest surprise of all was to learn that my Mother was conceived here.  I found all of this out several years after living here and it explains the magnetic pull and magical happenings that have occurred here.

I have finally found Home.  And when this happens, one’s energetic channels open up to receive the energetic fields of the nature.  Our electromagnetic waves are in alignment and I can easily resonate and entrain with the subtle forces.


Land & Sea Originals

Butterfly Beach available here

The land, trees, flowers, ocean, sky, stars, wind, birds… they all speak to me through my senses and feelings which are wide open here, receptive to the energy fields.  They are becoming my true friends as I’ve turned more away from the outer world and spend increasing amounts of time in nature, in my sea side temple, the beaches, the garden, in meditation and contemplation.

An interesting effect is taking place in myself and my work.  I am detaching from the need for outer approval of my art, for painting to please others, to sell, to impress.  Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.  I’m painting to feed the inner light that radiates from the Divine Love I experience when I am at one with Source energy- the same energy that emanates from all the natural life forces of this sacred earth.

I see this is a true movement out of fear-based motivations into a genuine Love. What a journey it has been to get here, but oh so liberating!

I am in this world but not of it~at least the world of the modern rat race.  The ancient world of the land and sea is the timeless one that I choose to inhabit.

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