Surrendering to Aphrodite’s Pleasures

warbler visit


Lately I’ve really been experiencing the contrast between the state of surrender, release, and letting go that comes with the ability to just Be and rest in the arms of the Divine Mother with the different state of ego grasping, efforting, striving that is part of our conditioning of our achievement oriented culture. The former state is feminine and yielding and filled with pleasure and fulfillment, the latter is masculine and filled with frustration and restlessness. In my oceanside temple is where I can most readily access this state where the energy of Aphrodite rises to meet me from the sea foam below and fills me with her delightful bliss.

I am learning to seamlessly ritualize this state of sensual pleasure from my meditation temple and carry it up to my studio to channel it into my paintings. To me this is the best that creativity has to offer and is an expression of gratitude for the abundance of the Universe as well as an expression of self love which is a direct gift from Aphrodite herself.

Here is my first painting signed with my new name: Carissa Joie Luminess and expresses my connection to the Grace that permeates the Ground of being and which holds us all in an embrace of love. It is what we are made of and to where we will return. I figure we may as well enjoy it in the here and now too.

original unframed painting available here

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