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Self Respect

Skunk medicine has been coming in, showing up in the pre dawn hours as I make my way down the garden path to my meditation temple, carrying Georgie so he doesn’t chase the nocturnal creatures who are so active at this time. Skunk is very shy, cautious and illusive, yet one glance at her makes all mammals give her lots of space and utter respect. She only sprays when threatened and will do all she can to avoid this defense because at her core she is very peaceful. But when cornered or provoked she will retaliate very powerfully and the opponent will be sorry. I love her lessons of energetic boundaries and peaceful avoidance of conflict, yet with a powerful defense that demands respect of others. When we respect ourselves we honor our authenticity and we nurture ourselves and from that place of security we are better able to serve others. She is a beautiful emanation of this and she also sports the black stripe of kundalini energy up her spine, marking her connection to goddess energy. When I align with her I align with my true nature which is that of self love. I am taking a page from her book and making my word for the new year Self Respect. The animals with their healthy instincts in tact have so much to teach us if we open up to their messages. Skunk print available here: Skunk Print

I am happy to be offering a workshop at the Carpinteria Art Center on Saturday February 11 on Painting Your Animal Totem. Here is more information: Paint Your Animal Totem workshop


Magical Flight

Birds, butterflies, dragonflies, hummingbirds have all seemed to enter my realm as of late. I am recognizing the energy of magical flight into realms beyond the mundane they symbolize for me as I heed their calling into a world of freedom, delight, and magic that I seem to inhabit more and more in my everyday life.

Let The Light In_Web

Original Painting available here:  Let The Light In

They are an invitation to return to our natural state of joy as we rest deeply with trust in the arms of the Divine Love which holds us every moment.

Joy Bubble_Web

Original painting available here:  Joy Bubble

These winged creatures are a living symbol of ancient Goddess energy, always have been associated with Her power. May they guide us with their magical flights of fancy and freedom.

Spread Yours Wings_web

Original painting available here: Spread Your Wings

Dream Time


Blood red roses of Mother Earth, golden-yellow sunflowers of solar male power, magenta gladiolas of my radiant body, the green of nourishing plants and balance- I honor you and invite you into my Being, alchemizing your energies to enhance my wholeness and well-being.  I celebrate the vital force of life, in my garden, in myself.


I welcome the transition from day to night and when we enter into Dream time, to the realms of the vast Universal sub consciousness; a time and place where we can shapeshift and create infinite possibilities within our psyches and our lives.


This Weaver-Dreamer process of creation is seamless, from painting, to dreaming, to breathing, to witnessing and reflecting.  Energy comes in, circulates around, energy goes out like the waves that move in and out from the Pacific ocean at my temple gate.  We are just channels for this energy- here to receive and give back, all in the name of Love.  It’s a matter of staying centered in our heart space to attract and radiate Love.  I become more clear with each passing day that this is my one and only mission in Life.

Original painting available here

prints available here

Color Therapy for Solstice Light

One of the many beautiful benefits of art, both in the creating and enjoyment of it, is the healing quality of color therapy.

Peonies & Tulips

Peonies & Tulips

The vibrations of colors act on our energetic body to balance our emotional distress and acts on the subtle planes of our Being. My newest painting, Peonies and Tulips, was done during a week when I was dealing strongly with Universal Mother Love (pink), my sensual/sexual vitality (orange), and speaking my truth (turquoise).  At the time I wasn’t even conscious that I was using colors that directly correlated with the chakras that had been activated for healing.  It was only after going through this portal of initiation, growth, empowerment that I was able to look back and see how the process of painting had supported my inner process of coming into deeper alignment with my Divinity.  It is so magical and beautiful to surrender to our intuitive powers and let them guide us to what is real.  What is real for me at this time of the longest light of the summer solstice is that as I release false shame and blame from judgement placed on me by ego fears of the patriarchal culture, I am flying into the realms of the heart where I am vibrating at the frequency of Love, shining my light back to the sun as a reflection of the Divine Being I am.  And I am realizing this is my ultimate purpose- to radiate Love with my Being of which my painting is a direct extension.

Happy solstice dear friends- May you walk in the Light of your truth as a Divine Being and be happy in your heart for you come from Love and will return to Love, so Be the Love.

original painting available here

prints available here

Gates of Grace

Gates of Grace

Remember as a child how time seemed to float by and experiences were more dreamy as you flowed from one magical encounter to the next?  My latest painting, Gates of Grace, is an expression of that state that I am returning to after all the purification of these last 15 years since my kundalini opening in Africa.



Daily meditation time in my temple is all it takes to keep my heart/mind open and full of love.  Taking time to see and appreciate beauty around me keeps me receptive to feeling that heightened love as an innocent child does.


It is in these moments of emptiness that inspiration comes pouring in and I am filled with a need to create something beautiful as a thank you to the universe for this gift of life. Here is the path to my temple- the Gates of Grace where the yellow butterflies float by so dreamily along the pink flowers, against the blue sky.


And my studio far above the temple with flowers from my abundant garden.  This is where sacred ritual takes place.

gates in progress

And I am transfigured through the process of painting.  My emptying out becomes a filling up and a channeling out again- a circular process like life itself.

Gates of Grace


Dear friends, I encourage you to take some time every day to surround yourself with beauty and feel deeply into the love that the appreciation brings in.  Sunny smiles and warm hugs to all~

Gates of Grace giclee prints available here


A Prayer For Love


I was in a Mana yoga class recently taught by a lovely Hawaiian girl who weaves Aloha ways into her yoga practice- Yum.

She had us hold our arms out wide, receiving universal chi into our beings. Bring the energy of a flower into your left hand, she said.  Mine was cosmos, sweet cosmos, so many beautiful shades of pink and magenta and symbolize peace and tranquility- it seemed to come in so naturally, intuitively, I wonder if it’s MY flower.

Now bring the energy of an animal into your right hand, she said. Again, without thought, the spirit of a turtle dove flew right into my hand- again a symbol of love and peace.

Now bring both hands to your heart space and allow to receive the gifts of these energies.

A Prayer for Love Web(1)

Ah, peace and love.  In my heart.  Had to paint, the next step for me to embody the energies.  So here are flowers from my garden along with the pair of turtle doves who live in my garden and come to the bird bath every day at dusk.  They are so dear to me.  I soften in their presence.  They are even in the Ultimate love song: Song of Solomon in the bible.  I am blessed to have them amidst my cosmos garden. Love sweet love- isn’t that why we are here?

original painting available here

prints available here

Floating On A Cloud


I am still floating on a cloud from spending my July 4th in the garden of a mansion near the Mission sharing my art display with this beautiful community.


I’ll take celebrating my freedom with the dragonflies, butterflies and hummingbirds in the shasta daisies over fireworks any day.  Apparently I am not the only one.  People came out in droves and enjoyed the relaxing day with art, nature and pretty flute sounds floating in the air.  What a treat to be with such pleasant folks.

A 498370

I sold this original to a lady for her new recently divorced Frida Khalo space she is creating.  She is close to Frida in her heart and even had on Frida Khalo earrings. She thought the deep red-burgundy of the ranunculus was like Frida’s blood color- rich like that, yeah.


It now has a deep turquoise background that I added after the fact that you can see in the left side of this photo.  She liked my mexican colors and felt i captured the essence of Frida’s intensity but presented it in a way that was nice to look at.  Frida’s stuff is wonderful but admittedly a challenge to wake up to every day.  This was my customer’s first, genuine purchase of a piece of major art in her life- how blessed I am to have been the co-creator an aspect of her life makeover.

Spring Showers - Web

I also sold this large original to an elderly, mild- manned, demure and humble soft- spoken couple.  Imagine that- passion comes in all shapes.

spring- garden

Here it is behind the raspberry bed.  When they said “we’ll take it”, I felt their energy stir with excitement- so fun for me to be part of this infusement, knowing it will continue now it is theirs.  Surely, the feng shui of their place will increase.

Alice keck park

I also sold this original of our downtown park of magical botanical wonders- Alice Keck Memorial Park.  She saw it in the morning and couldn’t stop thinking about it when she went home so she came back and got it later in the day.  it was the duck that got her.  There are 3 white ducks quacking around and Georgie was fascinated by them when we did this outing- his first encounter with a duck.

alice keck-garden

Here it is in my display.  I also sold some small songbirds- you can see one on the right.  I had a goldfinch painting which sold right off the bat- i guess there is a pulitzer prize novel out right now called The Goldfinch about a painting of a goldfinch- must read!


And, of course I sold hundreds of my $1 notecards.  people come very year to stock up for the whole year and I am so happy to be able to offer them at my wholesale price.  It’s fun to be generous.  It makes me feel good.  In fact it’s not the money that gives me the high from a successful show- it’s the exchange of love.  The money is just a tangible thing that symbolizes the love that passes through us when someone buys my art.  It feeds my soul in a big way and expands my heart space.  Now I can take that filled up feeling and go paint more spirit filled art.  thank you Santa Barbara!