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Owl Wisdom

Owl medicine has been coming back into my life this Fall. She had accompanied me on my dive down into the deep, dark feminine in 2001 after my divorce dark which brought up sexual wounds of early childhood for healing. Owl was Lilith’s companion animal, so fitting for the archetypal energies alive in me. At that time I did a life-size nude self portrait with an owl on my shoulder. There were owls living in the woods behind my house and I could hear them hoot at night. In the crux of my dark night, one appeared for a day on my trampoline in the front yard, staying there, staring at me, communing. I found out later she was probably injured and starving and asking for help, but I was too immersed in my own pain to hear her pleas. But something changed after her visitation. An inner strength welled within. I burned the huge watercolor painting of me as Lilith, having incorporated her feminine wisdom and sovereignty.

And now Owl has returned on my journey through the letting go of motherhood and the false notion that I can heal myself by nurturing my children. They don’t need or want my nurturing anymore and owl is helping me turn that nurturance back onto me.

She had been showing up in images, symbols and even a sighting in the neighborhood on an evening walk recently, asking me to honor her energies once again and allow her to lead my way. I did so with this watercolor as well as this clay piece and now her work is done, the medicine has had it’s healing effect and I’ve completed another very difficult passage in life and she has moved on, for now.


Spring Seeds Sprouting

Soul Speak_web

I have been deep in my winter cocoon of creativity and transformation and am now emerging to birth my gifts out into the world to share with you.  This has been a period of fruitful growth as the seeds of spiritual love that I planted and and have nurtured with intense focus and devotion have bloomed into an abundance of paintings that are an expression of the vibration of love. I feel a potency in my creative energy as I move into a style of painting that is more spontaneous and intuitive as I trust my unconscious impulses more and more.

California Poppies Opening

This rebirth is so profound to me that I felt called to create a new web site to showcase my new identity, my new brand.  My lovely assistant, Trinity, and I have been diligently designing and building this new platform to showcase my evolving work.  My new site features an expanded shop with many new originals for sale, as well as a new line of limited edition prints of only 50 each, and a Specials Sale section for budget conscious art lovers.

Oneness with Nature

I have also begun a page called Wisdom Weavings in which I share some of my spiritual insights and inspiration that I have gained along my path as an artist which will be woven with different images. There will be many more added in coming days.

I hope this first day of Spring finds you all renewed and reaching toward the light of your own inner and outer growth.  May you be uplifted and soothed by my colorful beauty that has been channelled through my Being.

Love to all~ Erin

Feminine Alchemy Immersion


As I continue on my path of investing in my Highest Good, I recently signed up for an on line course through the Shift Network called Feminine Divine Alchemy (think Mists of Avalon, one of my favorite books).  It is based on the 13 Moon Mystery school and we will be delving into 13 different archetypes to deepen into.  Our pre-course assignment was to create a collage of what we want to achieve on this journey.  I decided to select 13 different females (including myself in the center) who embody a characteristic or quality that I feel inside of me that wants fuller expression.  I placed them like the hands on a clock in chronological order that they came into my life.  I wasn’t thinking about the specific archetypes but am curious to see if each of these women might perhaps be in alignment with the different energies.

Here is my list:

* Jackie O

* Audrey Hepburn

* Georgia O’Keefe (we share the same b.d.!)

* Princess Di

* Zap Mama

* Beyonce

* Marianne Williamson

* Bonnie Simoa

* Shiva Rea

* Donna Delory

* Snatam Kaur

* Lalita

We were also assigned to write our intention out and mine is what it has always been albeit more potently grand.

” I am taking the throne of my Queendom as an Artist-Priestess to spread healing love light to humanity in service of raising the vibration of the planet”

I truly believe that the best way we can serve the world is by fulfilling our potential.  I have a feeling this class will help me along my path and I send a wish that you are doing something to nurture your growth.

Will keep you posted on my process~