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Owl Wisdom

Owl medicine has been coming back into my life this Fall. She had accompanied me on my dive down into the deep, dark feminine in 2001 after my divorce dark which brought up sexual wounds of early childhood for healing. Owl was Lilith’s companion animal, so fitting for the archetypal energies alive in me. At that time I did a life-size nude self portrait with an owl on my shoulder. There were owls living in the woods behind my house and I could hear them hoot at night. In the crux of my dark night, one appeared for a day on my trampoline in the front yard, staying there, staring at me, communing. I found out later she was probably injured and starving and asking for help, but I was too immersed in my own pain to hear her pleas. But something changed after her visitation. An inner strength welled within. I burned the huge watercolor painting of me as Lilith, having incorporated her feminine wisdom and sovereignty.

And now Owl has returned on my journey through the letting go of motherhood and the false notion that I can heal myself by nurturing my children. They don’t need or want my nurturing anymore and owl is helping me turn that nurturance back onto me.

She had been showing up in images, symbols and even a sighting in the neighborhood on an evening walk recently, asking me to honor her energies once again and allow her to lead my way. I did so with this watercolor as well as this clay piece and now her work is done, the medicine has had it’s healing effect and I’ve completed another very difficult passage in life and she has moved on, for now.


Color Therapy for Solstice Light

One of the many beautiful benefits of art, both in the creating and enjoyment of it, is the healing quality of color therapy.

Peonies & Tulips

Peonies & Tulips

The vibrations of colors act on our energetic body to balance our emotional distress and acts on the subtle planes of our Being. My newest painting, Peonies and Tulips, was done during a week when I was dealing strongly with Universal Mother Love (pink), my sensual/sexual vitality (orange), and speaking my truth (turquoise).  At the time I wasn’t even conscious that I was using colors that directly correlated with the chakras that had been activated for healing.  It was only after going through this portal of initiation, growth, empowerment that I was able to look back and see how the process of painting had supported my inner process of coming into deeper alignment with my Divinity.  It is so magical and beautiful to surrender to our intuitive powers and let them guide us to what is real.  What is real for me at this time of the longest light of the summer solstice is that as I release false shame and blame from judgement placed on me by ego fears of the patriarchal culture, I am flying into the realms of the heart where I am vibrating at the frequency of Love, shining my light back to the sun as a reflection of the Divine Being I am.  And I am realizing this is my ultimate purpose- to radiate Love with my Being of which my painting is a direct extension.

Happy solstice dear friends- May you walk in the Light of your truth as a Divine Being and be happy in your heart for you come from Love and will return to Love, so Be the Love.

original painting available here

prints available here

Back to Bend


I was married in a small meadow along the Deschutes River at the end of Shevlin Park in Bend, OR in 1986- a bunch of lifetimes ago.  My dog Sally followed my dad and me down the “aisle” and stood at my heels.  We ate potato salad afterward that I made for our guests and played volleyball and threw the frisbee.  I was a high achieving hippie chick back then and come to think of it i still fit into that category.



Fast forward to the present- My beloved daughter Hillary resides here now, same age that I was back then, living out her own version of high-achieving hippie chick.  I just returned from a sudden 6 day trip up there to help my poor sweet pea through a broken collar bone surgery due to a snowboarding accident.  Here she is all put back together again, ready to take on the world.  She has big dreams like me.  We keep getting stronger when life gets hard.

mobile adventuture unit

She lives in a small 2 bedroom house with 3 other room mates, so her gypsy “vambulance” that she outfitted herself serves as guest cottage in the backyard.  This is where I slept in 32 degree temps (with a small space heater) nestled under the ponderosa pines.  Mobile Adventure Unit indeed!

never a dull moment

I would say that being a hippie mother means never having a dull moment.


I slept surprisingly well in this earthy sanctuary and had many rich, vivid, colorful dreams.  Dreams of flowers sprouting from my journal pages, dreams of my paintings being formed into clay vessels, dreams of Earth Mother Goddesses, an image of Zap Mama. I see my wooden prayer beads hanging from the ceiling- the emblem that served as my guidance after my kundalini opening in Senegal, Africa in 2000 that I brought home, passing them on to my daughter with prayers for her own enlightenment.  Perhaps their energy fueled my Earth Mother Goddess dreams… or maybe it was just me in my role as fierce Momma nursemaid, nurturing Hillary in her healing process.  Whatever the cause, I was touched deeply by the Great Mother archetype on this unexpected trip.

chicken coop

Hillary built this chicken coop which was next to my sanctuary and we enjoyed fresh eggs every day.  She wants to do urban permaculture design with this type of thing for everyday people.  The more power to her.


This is her boyfriend Josh who shares the same passions and dreams as her- they met in a soils lab class at the college.  He made this rabbit fur lined, pendleton wool hat for Hillary for Christmas- another creative, yeah!.


He also made her this white leather purse with beautiful beadwork by his sister.  High fashion Earth-Glam style.  Love it!!!

red osier

I went for 6 mile walks every day along the river, enjoying the contrast of winter to the perpetual summer of my Santa Barbara life.  The red osier dogwood it’s own beautiful expression to behold rather than the pink bougainvillea that blooms here now.  Like I said it was a back to roots experience, being here.  I also visited the local rec center each day for yoga and a sauna.  I swam in the pool here when pregnant with Stuart way back when.  In some ways I felt to be that same person, practicing self care so that I may better serve others.  A lesson I have learned well.


Pennie came with me to the river every day, swimming in the cold water while I sat on a rock and did my pranayama/meditation.  I seem to always a have a dog by my side- my Chinese astrological sign.  Lots of loyal canine energy.


Strangely enough Josh had had surgery on his left shoulder (same side) just a week before Hillary and coincidentally they had the same surgeon. Some kind of karmic unfolding.  Anyway, now they are twinsies and here we are celebrating on my last night there.  So glad we made it through this catastrophe with ease and grace and even some spark of Divine magic. No matter what life throws at us, if we open up to the flow and beauty of what is and are receptive to the offerings, there are always gifts that are rich and rewarding.  It was wonderful to reconnect with my girl in her earthy world.

Now I am home and a bucket of tulips, irises and daffodils await painting in my studio- spring is around the corner.  new beginnings~