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Luminous Darkness

On the Dark Night Sea Journey to the depths of our Souls that lays beneath the murky waters of our ego fears is a light so illuminating as to make clear our way into Love. We just need to follow the light peering through once we are thrust overboard into these velvety fluid waves of undoing. Like a swimmer floating on the sea, allow the waves to rock us like a baby in a cradle, as we surrender to Divine Will. Then we will become a channel for the Light of Creative Love to flow through us and shine out into the world, brightening the darkness there.


This summer has been an immersion into the deepest aspects of my soul I have ever experienced and it has been incredibly rich, fruitful and full of joy, as I truly come back to living from the inside out. After several years of releasing my ego identities and various roles, which was painful and full of suffering, I am now clear of obscurations which have kept my authentic Nature hidden. This has been a time of recalibrating and finding resonance with my True Nature who has nothing to prove and nobody to please. Just an empty Presence of Love.

A couple of months ago I cancelled all my social media accounts which were keeping me on the surface of myself and causing distraction. I’ve also taken a hiatus from painting and teaching these past couple of months and have directed my creative energy into feeding my soul through self discovery collage (including some with my baby pictures like this one), lots of journaling, gardening, and of course extensive meditations in my angel temple overlooking the sea. I spent 10 days with my father at his home on Longboat Key, FL where we communed heart to heart, spirit to spirit on the white sand beaches with the warm turquoise Gulf and heavenly clouds embracing us with love.

On this day before the big solar eclipse I feel released from the past and am now fully embodying my dwelling as Queen taking my throne on the seat of the heart of Love. My intention for this Leo new moon tomorrow and the phase following this eclipse is “I am a vessel of lovemaking between the Divine Mother and Father”. This eclipse moment is one of non-duality/Unity which can only be achieved by a state of pure Unconditional Love. I’m feeling this so powerfully. In vedic astrology it is advised to be inside with shades drawn doing spiritual practice during a solar eclipse. While the masses gather in huge crowds I will be in the yoga studio in savasana communing with my own heart and the immense love there.

May you be safely held in the embrace of the lovemaking between our Heavenly Father and our Earth Mother.

Cosmic Consciousness

Submerging beneath the ordinary realms of object relations into the depths of vast spaciousness emptiness was initially frightening….floating in a sea of nothingness. But the space eventually filled with the golden nectar of pleasant sensation and I am one with the Source of Love at our existence. I am indeed tasting the gold of cosmic consciousness that I could only have reached through the loss of my love objects and ego identifications. I recommend saying yes to whatever losses come your way and see what lays underneath the pain…It is Unconditional Love that will always be with you, no matter what the circumstances of your life.

Gates of Grace

Gates of Grace

Remember as a child how time seemed to float by and experiences were more dreamy as you flowed from one magical encounter to the next?  My latest painting, Gates of Grace, is an expression of that state that I am returning to after all the purification of these last 15 years since my kundalini opening in Africa.



Daily meditation time in my temple is all it takes to keep my heart/mind open and full of love.  Taking time to see and appreciate beauty around me keeps me receptive to feeling that heightened love as an innocent child does.


It is in these moments of emptiness that inspiration comes pouring in and I am filled with a need to create something beautiful as a thank you to the universe for this gift of life. Here is the path to my temple- the Gates of Grace where the yellow butterflies float by so dreamily along the pink flowers, against the blue sky.


And my studio far above the temple with flowers from my abundant garden.  This is where sacred ritual takes place.

gates in progress

And I am transfigured through the process of painting.  My emptying out becomes a filling up and a channeling out again- a circular process like life itself.

Gates of Grace


Dear friends, I encourage you to take some time every day to surround yourself with beauty and feel deeply into the love that the appreciation brings in.  Sunny smiles and warm hugs to all~

Gates of Grace giclee prints available here