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Sunset Ridge

Sunset Ridge- I did this painting with the lovely SCAPE group a couple of weeks ago from a gorgeous avocado ranch up on sunset ridge. Painting plein air really puts me in the present moment in way that studio painting doesn’t. I love the sense of merging with the landscape.

Cosmic Consciousness

Submerging beneath the ordinary realms of object relations into the depths of vast spaciousness emptiness was initially frightening….floating in a sea of nothingness. But the space eventually filled with the golden nectar of pleasant sensation and I am one with the Source of Love at our existence. I am indeed tasting the gold of cosmic consciousness that I could only have reached through the loss of my love objects and ego identifications. I recommend saying yes to whatever losses come your way and see what lays underneath the pain…It is Unconditional Love that will always be with you, no matter what the circumstances of your life.

Magical Flight

Birds, butterflies, dragonflies, hummingbirds have all seemed to enter my realm as of late. I am recognizing the energy of magical flight into realms beyond the mundane they symbolize for me as I heed their calling into a world of freedom, delight, and magic that I seem to inhabit more and more in my everyday life.

Let The Light In_Web

Original Painting available here:  Let The Light In

They are an invitation to return to our natural state of joy as we rest deeply with trust in the arms of the Divine Love which holds us every moment.

Joy Bubble_Web

Original painting available here:  Joy Bubble

These winged creatures are a living symbol of ancient Goddess energy, always have been associated with Her power. May they guide us with their magical flights of fancy and freedom.

Spread Yours Wings_web

Original painting available here: Spread Your Wings

Blackburnian Warblers


The fires of summer are warming and softening, allowing us to surrender to the heat that slows us down, to relax into just Being and invites us to daydream into the imagination of wonder and magic.


These so-called lazy days of summer are really the most productive in that in the energy of play and relaxation brings us closer to the realms of unseen forces and the freedom of allowing spirit to move through us.  We become like the songbirds, singing and flying for the joy of it.  Allow the heat to relax your body, let your worries go, and be in Joy that summer celebrates so beautifully~

Original painting available here

Dream Time


Blood red roses of Mother Earth, golden-yellow sunflowers of solar male power, magenta gladiolas of my radiant body, the green of nourishing plants and balance- I honor you and invite you into my Being, alchemizing your energies to enhance my wholeness and well-being.  I celebrate the vital force of life, in my garden, in myself.


I welcome the transition from day to night and when we enter into Dream time, to the realms of the vast Universal sub consciousness; a time and place where we can shapeshift and create infinite possibilities within our psyches and our lives.


This Weaver-Dreamer process of creation is seamless, from painting, to dreaming, to breathing, to witnessing and reflecting.  Energy comes in, circulates around, energy goes out like the waves that move in and out from the Pacific ocean at my temple gate.  We are just channels for this energy- here to receive and give back, all in the name of Love.  It’s a matter of staying centered in our heart space to attract and radiate Love.  I become more clear with each passing day that this is my one and only mission in Life.

Original painting available here

prints available here

On Expansion

Through The Portal_Web

Through The Portal- original painting available here

I still have my sea legs in my art realm after being tossed about in the ocean of psycho-spiritual transformation of the past year.  Along with all the layers of protective armoring, which kept me safe and sound all those decades, that were melted away, along went the familiar ground of my painting approach which also served to stabilize me emotionally and otherwise.

The new me is still trying to find a place to land, art wise.

Flowing With What Is_Web

Flowing- original painting available here

It’s like coming out of a long term marriage.  you do the inner work, you heal your wounds from childhood that got ripped open by the break up, you get yourself fit, healthy, beautiful, whole in yourself once again and feel ready for the dating scene.  But after outgrowing your partner you realize you are ready for a different type of person, but who would that be?  What qualities are important now? It seems the only way to find out is to explore different men, have some new experiences, try some on and see how they feel. That’s what i’ve been up to in these new forays with my painting.


Valley view

Valley View- original painting available here

It’s been a bit unsettling to say the least. The security blanket that kept me covered and cozy all those many years in the certainty of my art, no matter what was happening in my world, has been yanked off.  It’s a bit chilly out here in the open, all vulnerable and exposed.  But the amazing thing is that along with the sense of a lack of surety is a new found feeling of joy in my being that I’ve been experiencing on a visceral level. While getting acupuncture yesterday I actually had a feeling of bodily joy in my feet that was a physical sensation unlike anything I’ve ever had. Joy in my feet! Yeah, my reward.  It’s worth it to feel the upside of this raw vulnerability which is actually becoming more refined and subtle by the moment.


Orchid Orgy_web

Orchid Orgy- original painting available here

And so….. round and round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows. And I’m okay with that.  I’ve decided to just allow exploration of new ground in each painting and view each one as a journey into growth and discovery, much as I do in my relationships.  We receive as much as we give and I am more devoted than ever to this path as Artist. I have trust that my higher self is co-creating with the Universe exactly what needs and wants to be expressed for me and for all who encounter my art.



My newest painting in progress is of flowers from the market with a paisley background.  Who would have thought?  It’s all about being in this big, beautiful, wondrous mystery and opening to the magic there.

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She Speaks Through Me

Matilija Mountains

Matilija Mountains available here

This Sacred land embraced by nurturing mountains and the sparkling sea that is named after Saint Barbara speaks to me and I have learned to listen intently.  She called me here 9 1/2 years ago through a message in a dream.  I heard a voice loud and clear “Move to Santa Barbara, your new life is waiting for you there” and it was so strong, could not be ignored.  2 weeks later I drove here with my son Stuart- a 19 hour drive from Eugene where we lived at the time. As soon as we pulled into town I felt connection to the land, the place, a familiarity though I’d never been here before (except as a 2 year old baby I found out much later).

I met Casey my first day here- I’d had dreams of him too, recurrent dreams of driving the exact road along the coast that leads to the house I now share with him. I realize now that his soul had been calling me too, for years I’d had that dream of trying to reach him up on the bluffs above the shining sea, where I now have an angel temple, where I connect to Source, where I have been able to complement my calling to be an Artist with that of Priestess.  It feels like my destiny to be here, in this place, this life.

It turns out my maternal Grandparents lived here for a short time- my Grandfather was a doctor whose office is next to my bank, My Grandparents and Casey’s Grandparents went to the same church and most likely knew one another, but the biggest surprise of all was to learn that my Mother was conceived here.  I found all of this out several years after living here and it explains the magnetic pull and magical happenings that have occurred here.

I have finally found Home.  And when this happens, one’s energetic channels open up to receive the energetic fields of the nature.  Our electromagnetic waves are in alignment and I can easily resonate and entrain with the subtle forces.


Land & Sea Originals

Butterfly Beach available here

The land, trees, flowers, ocean, sky, stars, wind, birds… they all speak to me through my senses and feelings which are wide open here, receptive to the energy fields.  They are becoming my true friends as I’ve turned more away from the outer world and spend increasing amounts of time in nature, in my sea side temple, the beaches, the garden, in meditation and contemplation.

An interesting effect is taking place in myself and my work.  I am detaching from the need for outer approval of my art, for painting to please others, to sell, to impress.  Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.  I’m painting to feed the inner light that radiates from the Divine Love I experience when I am at one with Source energy- the same energy that emanates from all the natural life forces of this sacred earth.

I see this is a true movement out of fear-based motivations into a genuine Love. What a journey it has been to get here, but oh so liberating!

I am in this world but not of it~at least the world of the modern rat race.  The ancient world of the land and sea is the timeless one that I choose to inhabit.

Dream Shadows

Dream Shadows-original-web

After all the recent inner work of the past year now resolved, I am floating along on a cloud of inner calm and serenity.  I feel solid and secure in life, and that’s nice.  Here is my newest painting which as always is a reflection of my state of well-being.  The softening of my interior boundaries is being mirrored by new spring blooms.  Dream Shadows is the title.

Dream Shadows-web

I had my miracle worker photographer, Sarah Block, work her magic in photoshop to create an even dreamier version with these lighter irises which is what I meant to paint.  Somehow I can’t resist the rich colors, but I wanted soft for this one.  We can do that now in the digital age- change the mood of an image with a bit of mouse work. I am offering this version in my etsy shop as a print here

steps- blog8

Every day for the past 9 years, after my morning painting session, I have headed down these stairs to the beach that are just a few short blocks from my house for a nice long beach walk

steps- blog6


There is something about the process of walking and being out in the bright light and fresh air that helps me settle the creative energy that has been stirred up in painting.

beach- blog5

I take off my shoes and walk barefoot in the soft sand, grounding into the earth through her marshmallow cushion of beach.


There is usually some wildlife to observe- these are endangered sea birds.  I should know their name, but i don’t.  Look at that blue sky though- incredible.


At my turning around point I always do several salutations to the sun, giving thanks and praise for this climate and beach which is my playground.  Yesterday there was a baby sea lion sitting on a rock here.  Born on the Channel Islands, the Mom’s sometimes swim them over here to eat if there’s not enough food there.  He looked pretty relaxed on that rock and well cared for by his mother :)


I just read an article on brain health and the research shows the best thing we can do for our aging brains is walk 2 miles every day.  Apparently, heading out for a walk sends messages to the brain that we are entering new territory and it opens us up to receive new data.  Well, for me it might as well be getting under this bright blue sky of ours and feeling the sand between my toes, smelling the salt air and sensing the warm sun on my skin, the bright light opening my retinas.

georgie- blog4

Of course our walk is the highlight of Georgie’s day and he likes a 6 mile loop. so that’s what we do.  Somehow it completes our day. Painting and Walking- they just kind of go together.

I hope you all have a nice walk you can do every day- it is such a simple pleasure~


Plein Air Pleasures

Santa Barbara Bird Refuge-web

I am continuing with my weekly paint outs into nature.  There is something immediate about painting outside in the elements that brings a freshness to my process.  This is our lovely bird refuge here in Santa Barbara and the black ducks are called coots (as in that old coot- never hear that expression anymore).  They were entertaining  Georgie while I sat on the bench working.  The colors here are so bright from the nourishing winter rains that we’ve desperately needed and received- Ah, thank you heavens above.

Coots at SB Bird Refuge original painting available here



I’ve also gone up the coast to Gaviota, just north of Santa Barbara to paint this area for a SCAPE (Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment) fundraiser show that will take place at the Bacara Resort in April. I love this group- participating in offering my art to give back to the earth for all She gives to me.  I have the deepest honor for Her abundance and beauty. Namaste.

gaviota- georgie

Of course Georgie loves to accompany me on my outings and he is such a mellow, sweet presence.

gaviota coast2

Funny, I returned the following week to do another painting and thought I was doing an entirely different piece- more loose and free.  But, when I saw them together I realized how similar they are so am offering this one unframed in my etsy shop here

One of my professors in art college all those years ago once said that we paint the same picture over and over again- makes you wonder.


I leave you with another infamous Santa Barbara winter sunset from my deck- we get an incredible show in front of our house every evening.  This is what I look at while I cook our dinners and it infuses our food with extra chi, I’m sure of it.

Blessings for beauty in your world~


Swimmingly Summertime


The ocean has warmed up nicely this summer and I am swimming every day now.


It’s been high tide lately so I’ve been walking through the Douglas Family preserve (as in Michael Douglas- they bought this park a few blocks from my house to preserve it- Thank you!!!)


It’s a fun way to get down to the beach because you get a peak at the mountains


and go down a hill through a magical oak lined path.


Georgie swims out a little but doesn’t go all the way out.  Actually we have had more and more sharks around so I try not to go too far out and just swim parallel to the shore.  The past couple of days I’ve been bodysurfing- one my favorite ways of experiencing ecstasy by surrendering to a force of divine nature.


I am on a Caroline Myss rampage this summer- I just adore her teachings.

A 5382

In art news I donated a few prints, including a framed 16 x 20 of this Vineyard Sunrise, to the local Frack-Free festival which is raising money to get this measure on our local ballot.   I chose the vineyard because we need to protect our land and air for agriculture which fracking would destroy.  Now, why on earth would anyone want to do that?  Silly people.

Funny that artists have the least stable income of any profession but we are the ones always asked to donate.  It’s just the way it is because it’s just the way we are- heartfelt and giving like that which I love.  I always donate to a few good causes each year- this year I donated to the local cat shelter and they raised 20K, very cool!

Denmark girls-blog

Yesterday some cute girls from Denmark bought my pack of bunny cards at Gallery Los Olivos and the artist on duty sent me this pic because they utterly charmed him.  This is what makes my day.  I am so amazed by the range of foreign visitors we get to our delightful gallery in this tiny quaint town.

I hope everyone out there is enjoying some sensual summer fun- I am off to ride my bike to hot yoga at the end of my street.  My neighborhood has it all- beach, yoga and the best health food store in town.  What else does a girl need for sustaining a painterly life?

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