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Since the 2008 recession I have been forced to let go of art as a means of making a living and for the past 7 years have changed my primary focus to spiritual practice and soul evolution (I have been highly fortunate not to have too much financial pressure on me to make ends meet and decided to use it as an opportunity to move toward enlightenment instead of survival concerns).  Of course my painting has remained a constant in my life, but it has been secondary to my spiritual path. I have been reading psycho/spiritual books voraciously, attending numerous spiritual, yoga and meditation retreats, stepped up my yoga and meditation practice and have been doing kundalini yoga/pranayama/meditation at an advanced level daily. I built myself a meditation temple at my seaside home where I meditate daily, sometimes for several hours.


I’ve taken Goddess and God courses on line and done all the work diligently and thoroughly. And it has paid off. I have had an array of amazing energetic, spiritual and psychic openings which have really deepened my connection to Spirit and my higher Self. This 7 year cycle has now come to a completion of sorts and I feel rebirthed into embodying my Soul at a really authentic pure level of Being at one with the Divine.  (I’m even considering changing my name but that is another story).


My entire purpose has shifted- away from making art to please and sell, into connecting deeply to Source and creatively expressing that Divine energy from a place of embodied Grace. This has informed my approach to painting and the results have been a more free and spontaneous style.

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I have come up with a new process and ritual of weaving together my spiritual practice with my painting practice and the results have been magical and effortless and joyous.


Being on this inner journey for the past 7 years has required solitary time for stillness, reflection and contemplation. I have had very minimal social outlets and those have all been primarily with other spiritual seekers at my various classes and such. But this cycle also feels complete and there has been an urge bubbling up inside me to reach out, connect and share my discoveries with others so they too may experience this ecstasy I have tapped into of inhabiting the mid point between control and abandon that comes when we can open ourselves up to the Divine and become a conduit for Universal creative energy.


It came to me a few weeks ago during an especially deep meditation that is is time to bring my gifts to the others and share my process, my practice and my space here at my oceanside sanctuary.  I realized I am all set up to accommodate 5 students in my temple, in my studio and at my dining table (I’m also a great cook love to feed people healthy food) and and that this space is meant to be shared in community for nurturing soul growth, spiritual connection and creative expression through watercolor.


So, I am busy getting all set up for the first workshop which will take place January 23.  More details will be forthcoming and you can sign up for my newsletter if you want to get more info or email me directly: erintheartist@gmail.com

I hope some of you will come join me here to deepen into Source, nurture your soul, connect to Spirit and paint watercolors with joy as I guide you in painting techniques that will empower you to develop your own style.

With love and blessings for a Happy Solstice,





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